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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just A Stupid Update

UGH!!! The past two days have been like farting shit balls.  It's been dreary and wet outside and I just love that kind of weather. It just doesn't love me. It has made the tissues on the sides and the backs of my knees swell up so bad that I walk like Frankenstein's Mutha.

Yepper's, I'm walking all stiff legged around the house. I just need to hang my arms out in front of me and well you get the picture. It was pretty funny when I was trying to get down the stairs in the front yard to get the mail. All stiff legged and ... ummm you get the picture.

Anywho I feel a whole lot better today.  I see my Orthopedic comedian on Tuesday next week and I intend to ask him if my knee area is going to swell up like this every time bad weather hits. If so I want better drugs. The Hydrocodone 7.5's were not working during that time and I was forced to take some Darvocet I had stashed away. It wasn't a good thing. I was really hoping to find some of my secret stash of hash but that didn't happen. I was so fucking pissed from the pain these past two days that David pretty much kept his distance, so did my appetite.

So now I'm hungrier than a bear. Thank the Goddess that I don't feel like making anything to eat. I'll wait till dinner. I'm making BBQ chicken for David and Kung Pao chicken with rice and home made veggy egg rolls for me. I always have to make him something different when I cook what he calls Bow Wow, Meow Meow. He hates Oriental food. To bad. Most of it is very good for you.

Well, I need to get changed and schlep my fat ass over to the Wellness Center to work out the rest of this stiffness in my legs in that nice heated pool of theirs.


  1. It seems all we've had this winter is rain and very little snow, not bitching just saying. My whole yard is flooded, the ditches are so full you could fish in them it's just crazy and its still cold! I hope your legs feel beter and you have fun in that heated pool!

  2. I'm sorry you feel like ass on a stick honey. I had to giggle about the Darvocet and the Weed pic. Darvocet makes me SICK but Percocet.....that's a whole other bag o' beans ; )

    I asked my neurologist if she would give me a script for medical marijuana (it's legal here in Jersey, but barely so because of our asshole Republican Governor) and she looked at me over her glasses and said "No, I will not give you a prescription for weed".

    tee hee hee

    Hope the physical torture, ahem, therapy helps.

  3. for that type of injury, like pain or inflammation marijuana is support to be good at counter balancing those effects. anyways good luck in your future days! following

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