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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm Spent ... Well Maybe

Lately I haven't felt like writing about anything. I do better posting comments than blogging. Practically all my great material is spent on comments. It took me days, well hours to come up with this tripe. Actually I'm wondering if my job here is done. If it is, then what the fuck am I going to do with all my funny pictures I keep finding for my blog. Oh and PLEASE don't say Pinterest. Oh Fuck no! I spend way to much time farting around in there as it is.Yesterday I spent almost 6 fucking long exhausting hours just pinning movie posters of my favorite movies. I should get paid for this shit. 
When I'm not doing Pinterest, I'm spending my time sleeping. I have such a terrible fondness for lying in bed lately. I haven't become overly lazy. It's not possible cause I do get up to change clothes, let the dogs out,  do the laundry, clean house, water the plants, make David lunch, finish remaining laundry, then I take a nap before making dinner.

My Haiku For Getting Out Of Bed

No no no no no
No no no no no no no
No no no no no

I really wonder if it's not the weather that is keeping my brain juices from flowing. La Nina has left the building so to speak and the drought is ended here in my little part of Texas the institution. It has been raining every 2 or 3 days or so and it's absolutely fanfuckingtastic. I love the rain. But lets see where that goes when the flooding starts, living so close to a river and all. I asked David when is he starting on that ark but he keeps putting it off. I think I need to look into buying a rubber inflatable raft online. Wonder if Target has any.
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