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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sun Catchers Made Easy Peesy Pumpkin Squeezy

Okay I love bringing in great ideas for things in the home but this is really uber cool. I got this idea from .  Y'all just gotta go hit your favorite plastic bead supply store and get 'em and make these. Check it out!!!

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. gather up baking pans you don't use anymore or are going to throw away. Make sure they have flat bottoms, NO DENTS in them. Any baking dish or casserole dish or pan will do. You get your plastic beads and lay them in a thin layer on the bottom of the pan. The out come of the sun catcher depends on the colors you put in the pan. Use the clear ones for clear of coarse, mix blue and green as in the pictures, etc.

Put the pans into your oven at 400 for about 20 minutes. You can eyeball it if needed. I would suggest you turn off your smoke alarms so they don't go off. I had that problem. Turn on stove fan cause this will make a smell depending on the plastic beads and how long you keep them in to melt them. PLEASE keep watch on them and don't burn them.

Let cool briefly and the sun catchers will pop out of the pans. Let them lay on a flat surface to completely cool down and then with a drill and a small drill bit, drill a hole where you want it and string it with fishing line and hang them. Then sit back and enjoy the pretty colors.

Before you take on this project, please read this update I wrote here. This is important so please read it. I made a few changes in this recipe. Also I made a couple of sun catchers to show.


  1. I'm SO going to try this!!!!!

  2. Love this! I'll have to thrift store shopping for pans in different sizes.


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