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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Witches Daybook Wednesday

My mood:  Energetic, beyond elation. I cast what I call a Super Spell on Monday night. We needed rain really bad down here where I live in Texas near San Antonio. It's like bone dry here. Well I finished the spell by midnight exactly as it should be and I hung the rain charm out on the pecan tree in the front yard. It looks almost like a wind chime. Well it started raining off and on since I hung it out and finally we have had quite a lot of rain this morning. In fact both our rain barrels are filled to the brim. That's 60 gallons each from our gutters and it's still raining hard. It's fantastic!!!

I told David/ Sexy Beast about it and he said it was wonderful. "Leave it up to my little witch and it gets done." But he said not to leave it up too long because we live by a river. I told him it will disintegrate as it rains. When it's gone so is the rain until I make a new one.

What I'm doing today:  Crazy as it seems with all the rain, I'm doing laundry. My back is hurting but this needs to be done. Then I will be going out on the front porch to sit and watch the rain and check the rain charm. It's just going to be a lazy day; I'm just waiting for the pain meds to kick in.

What's been going on at Casa De Loco:  Monday I had jury duty which I completely forgot about. If I had gone through the surgery I would have had to prove to the judge I couldn't sit through jury selection. But I did go and it was quite entertaining. Although the judge crossed me off the list when he heard one of my answers to a question the defense attorney asked me.

Hey, I know it's the defendant's Constitutional Right not to take the stand and testify, but for me that don't fly and they should change that. Yes I know all that innocent until proven guilty shit but I want to know that person's side of the story before I decide as a member of the jury. I told the judge I couldn't make a fair and just decision based on that reason so I was free to go home at noon with the others.

Pods ready to take over
Last week while David was off from work, he never watched Jerry or Maury. Not once the whole fucking week did he even turn on trash TV. I had to take his temperature and check for a pulse just to make sure he wasn't a Pod Person.  He even stayed up late one night with me and watched Breaking Bad. He said he didn't know this was on TV and wondered why I never told him about it. Shit! The man goes to sleep at 8PM. What am I supposed to do? He didn't even know about my other favorites, The Walking Dead or Eureka. Which he is also now hooked on.

So since BB was rerunning all it's episodes from the pilot all the way up to the end of last season, I set them up for taping on our DDR. Then everyday last week he watched episodes in their order, most of the day and then after dinner he watched 2 or 3 more episodes. He's already on season 4 so he should be done by Saturday in time to watch the opening of season 5 on Sunday night. The other 2 shows TWD and E are being watched as soon as they are taped. He must be a Pod Person. How else can this be explained. Aliens stole my Trash TV watching husband

What I am reading: Well I finished reading Midnight in the Garden Of Good and Evil By John Berendt. It was quite good. Although I liked the movie with John Cusack and Kevin Spacey. I thought about them both as I read the book. Makes me want to read it again.

I'm currently reading Bless Your Heart, TRAMP and Other Southern Endearments by Celia Rivenbark. This book is chock full of funny as shit stories. My favorite was called "Big Fake Breasts", where she tries on the Wonder Bra for the first time. It was hysterical. I read it to David while he was trying to fall asleep one night and he nearly died laughing. Then I read him "Fake Dog Testicles" and "Mars Lander Woes" OMFG!!! This woman is funny as shit!!  I need to get her other books.  Her web site is You can read parts of her books there.

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  1. Can you send some rain charmin' our way? My rain barrel is empty and we had one brief sprinkle yesterday and that was it. Kudos on training the man so well he avoided trash TV and kudos on your rain charm. And now I want a Kudos bar. Yum.


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