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Monday, August 13, 2012

My Friends...

I will be in and out of the blogging biz for a while. It's not so much my back, but my left knee that has me out  of commission for the next few weeks. I banged it against the car door after stepping off an uneven pavement. Yeah, I rammed that brand new knee into the car side molding strip and it is making it very hard to sit or walk for extended periods of time. So I'm crashing out on the pain meds and Ice packs to bring down the swelling for now. I will be on to occasionally read blogs and comment but that's about it. I love you all and hopefully will be back really soon to continue to terrorize all of you.
Blessed Be my Loves


  1. Oh sure, we all know you really kneed some guy in the nuts! But sorry to hear it hurt your new knee. Take care and see you round the blogosphere!

  2. Oh sounds painful, hopefully it starts feeling better soon. We will be waiting for your return. :)

  3. Jesus Christ on the cross woman! You just can't catch a fucking break! Hang in there honey, and take care of yourself. I'll see ya when you get back.

  4. Oh Man!!!! I cringed thinking how much that must have hurt! You poor thing, hope your knee feels better real soon!!!

  5. Ouch...get some rest and get better soon.


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