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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Usual Boring Crap That Will Put You To Sleep

We just had a cold front blow into our neck of the woods in Texas. Weather guy said it would be in the 60's this afternoon and it's right now at 54 and still dropping and the wind is making it colder of coarse. Lyin bastid!

Spunky and Pebbles are sleeping in their warm beds, all snug like bugs. Lucy has been following me around like I'm gonna disappear any moment. She lays down in back of me while I'm here typing. It's nice because she keeps my back warm but not so nice because she pushes on it and hurts me. I let her stay though because it makes us both feel loved and safe. She's mamma's girl.

I've lost my energy again. It has to be the moon phases, just has to be. I not only lose my energy but my insomnia kicks in until the New Moon hits. Then everything comes back to normal until the Full Moon.

I've been keeping a little daily diary about my energy levels, insomnia and migraines for the past few months and everything is in correspondence with the moon cycles. Ain't that a bitch! I was born during the New Moon so I'm wondering if this all ties in together. I need to look into this more. Hmmmmm interesting, no?

David has found a new love. It's called fried spam sandwiches. The man is crazy about them. I made fried spam sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch this past Saturday and he wants it for dinner tonight again. I swear if I were to cut spam into small chunks and add it to his salad he would go insane. Hmmmm.


  1. What is spam exactly? It looks like something that would make me gag.

  2. i was born the day before the full moon and i have the opposite problem. too much energy going around during the full moon to let me sleep properly. i have noticed that in the past and i wondered myself if it had to do with my birth.. great minds think alike i guess.

  3. Fried spam, eh? Well, he's easy to please!

  4. Throwback! My Ma used to make fried Spam sandwiches all the time. She'd make potato pancakes with them. Total comfort food. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM.


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