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Monday, July 8, 2013

My 4th Of July Week In Hell

David finally went back to work this morning. YAY! I'm left all alone to my own devices today. Yes all alone. Should I break out in song at any moment, then please, feel free to slap me upside the head once or twice.

Anywho, David drove me crazy. Yes, yes he did. From his casual sauntering up to me to ask me out to dinner at inopportune times, like when I'm doing laundry or blogging. To the constant knocking on the walls in order to get the puppies to bark. he said he was waking up the termites.

 Then there was the Maury and Jerry Springer TV laced with really, really BAD science fiction TV movies on the Syfy Channel. Yes.  All Trash TV all day. In between this shit he mowed the lawn, took out the trash, killed three red wasp hives, sprayed inside and outside the house to kill bugs. Then it was time for more Trash TV.

Then I got his mind or what was left of it off the TV for a while. He had been trying to get his Fitbit to sync with his computer since his daughter gave it to him for Father's Day. It just wouldn't do it.

So I told him to put it on my mini laptop. David installed it and tried to sync it but it wouldn't sync the info on the Fitbit to the computer. I asked, ummm, can I see the Fitbit for a minute. I took it out of its rubber casing and asked him how far away can this thing be from the computer to sync? He said 20 feet. I said to try it now as I layed it down next to the sync link. He said he tried that and nothing came of it. I kept badgering him to press the fucking sync button. He finally did and, VOILA! It worked.

"You never took it out of its case, did you? You never set the little bastid  next to the sync link, did you?"
And all this time he's letting out a meek  "no".  And then he asked, "ya wanna go out to dinner?"

I'm the fucking Queen Of Fucking Everything!!!
I'm Good!


  1. Yeah, you are officially entitled to STRUT, girl! I know what you mean about the Jerry Spring/Maury Povich stuff -- My Rare One loves to watch those annoying Amish runaway kids who are all so immature and dysfunctional -- yikes. And they are all fucking foul-mouthed little bastards to boot.

  2. Sounds like that man worships you. You a lucky girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl.


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