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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'm Not The Only One

I had errands to run this morning and a bit of shopping so I'm late blogging today. I was just going to blow it off but I wouldn't feel right about it if I did. It's been a boring last few days to tell the truth.

David got off early on Friday and put his Fitbit scale online. YES! I broke down and told him where to find the password. I felt sorry for him when he started to cry.

I took care of most of the laundry Saturday and baked another batch of oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies. Sunday I dusted and vacuumed and cleaned house. Then I had to lie down on the heating pad. I'm completely out of my pain meds and I'm on Tylenol now. I wasn't up for anything much on Monday. Spent the day in bed writing.

The cold front came through and wind came with it. I went to the local HEB to get some tomato soup and milk for this evenings dinner. As I was walking towards the entrance of the store I came upon a woman who had a completely lost look on her face. Yes, her car had moved from it's space and was playing hide and seek with her.

I was being the usual wise ass and asked if she lost her car. She said yes, and we started talking, well more like laughing, while she scanned the busy parking lot for her lost four-wheeled possession.

We made fun of the fact that she should start calling for it. Should she invest in a "Clapper" for her car, which lead to the idea of all these old people rambling through the parking lot clapping and everyone's lights on their cars kept turning on and off. We both laughed and laughed at our crazy selves and parted ways. All I could think of was that there is another woman that's just as crazy as me. WOW!


  1. I love when I find people who do things like lose their cars. The other day one of my patients threw her dentures in the garbage instead of a Kleenex that she had in her other hand. I wanted to hug her because I do stuff like that every single day.

  2. When I go to a mall, I always park in the same part of the parking lot. Every single time. That way I always know where my car is. Pathetic, eh?


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