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Friday, November 8, 2013

In Which David Buys A Fitbit Scale

David got his Fitbit Scale in the mail yesterday. We spent close to all evening trying to get it hooked up to his computer. He forgot he hard wired his computer and took the wifi off. That's the first road block. And he calls me out on it, says it's my fault! Hmmmm.

So this weekend he plans on putting the wifi back on his computer. He will soon encounter the second road block in this fiasco. "What's the wifi password honey?" To which I'll say with a little smirk because he forgot to write it down and I really know how to retrieve it, "fuck if I know."

Third road block? David will think he has to call the Cisco people for a new password. Which means he has to pay for it. Them fuckers ain't free. He may even have to go get a new wifi system. They make you do that sometimes just to get their product sold. Then he'll be maybe 2 hours on the phone getting it to work and getting the new password. He just better listen to me this time and write it down or let me have access to his computer so I can show him where the password is. I swear I'll hit him . . . or something.


  1. Yeah, I hear ya on this one. I know where ALL our passwords are and don't you DARE touch my surround sound, LOL!! I still can't figure out how men think they know so much about electronics (everything) and then have to call some big shot for help. All they gotta do is ask, and if they are nice we might help them out. No, I guess not, that would be way to easy and not as much fun.

    My favorite man thing?? Watching them try to put something together by looking at the pictures instead of reading the damn instructions!! LOL!!

  2. I am confused (pronounced "con-few-zed"). Why isn't his computer on wifi? Why are you the sole holder of the password? Why would you deny him the password? And why does Cisco charge for a phone call?


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