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Friday, November 15, 2013

Small Stuff

WTF!!! Mother nature gives us two icy cold days and then throws us back into late summer again. It's almost like she's trying on weather to see how it fits.
"Does this ice and snow make my ass look fat?"

We didn't have the ice and snow here in Texas but we did have the fucking cold. Thank the Goddess that David lit the furnace last weekend. The puppies were very happy. Squirt has taken her place in front of it, paying homage almost every hour of the day.

If for some reason, Squirt thinks that the furnace hasn't come on after praying her heart out to it, she comes to me to ask if I will turn on the heat. It's so pathetic that a little dog comes to me to say, "mommy, please turn the heater on." Then I'll check the room temperature and decide if it should be on or not. Most times I'll oblige her. After all, my dogs are so spoiled.

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