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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Here We See The Nefarious Lucy In Her Native Habitat

Here we see the nefarious Lucy Bella sleeping with one eye open.  Lazy Bug!
Note the dire need of "Just For Dogs". 

She must be dreaming of how to fuck up poor blind Spunky's day.
Note the evil smirk on her face, besides the grey.

Creepy how she can sleep with those evil eyes open.
Note the toothy grin.
WOW! That grey around the eyes really shows her age.

Ruh Roh!! She's stretching.

Rigor mortis has finally set in. Really needs that "Just For Dogs" brush in anti-grey formula.

Climbed back under the blankets. Not ready for Spring quite yet, I guess.


  1. Your Lucy looks a lot like my Mom's Bobbi. Spoiled and very much loved.

  2. Poor pup. It is exhausting being a dog.



  4. Is that a French Bulldog!?! I love dogs like this.It makes me really want a dog. Ahhhhh cute overload!


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