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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Strange But Real

I was browsing the online book stores and I found some really strange books out there. These are very real. I kid you not!


  1. Arthur Kills a Hobo for His Clothes, oh my freaking gods! That's hysterical.

  2. I bet I could learn something valuable from each and every one of those!

  3. These titles are why I have not completely given up on the human race. As long as people have humour we have hope.

  4. In my defense, where else are you going to learn about Jewish-Japanese sex, while also getting cooking tips, WHILST (yeah, I'm going "whilst") ALSO getting real tips on raising wolves? Oh, is it Jack London? DOUBT IT! That douche could barely manage one of the three!
    For those who downloaded the audiobook, you're welcome.

  5. You've had worse things in your mouth for a cookbook? Hrrmm, OK! My Momma woulda loved that one, LOL!


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