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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Evil April Fool's Tricks

I have done about all of these on David or friends at work (about 6 years ago). These are the easy things you can do to fool someone. I double dog dare ya to try just one.
Put mayonnaise in doughnuts 

Use duct tape to tape an airhorn to the wall where the door knob will hit it just right
Then watch them scream 

Take the real deodorant out of the deodorant container and carefully replace it with cream cheese.
Add a hair for emphasis then just wait.

Use either colored tape or tape a small piece of paper to cover the laser on the mouse.
I did this to David and it took him almost 15 minutes to figure out why the mouse wasn't moving.

Tape an airhorn to the base of an office chair.
Better yet, super glue the wheels of the chair to the floor.  Don't use it on carpet.
If you want more super glue fun , glue dimes and nickels to the floor near a vending machine.


  1. The cream cheese one is disgusting!

  2. Most of these are hardly pranks, they're just mean. When do you put on deodorant? If you're like me, it's right before you're rushing to get out of the house, so that cream cheese thing is just mean. And how many donuts did that mayo jerk just ruin? I hope he yells, "screw you, Ethiopia" as he wastes all that food. Do people still use bar soap? Hopefully those people realize they should be switching to a loofa and liquid body wash.

  3. Ah, I forgot it was April Fool's Day. My dad wanted to marry my mom on this day but she refused.


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