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Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's Thursday

I gave in to my needs. I went back to my old loves, heating pad and pain meds. I just couldn't stay away. Well I'm back to square one now. I've been  sleeping when I can and doing minor house chores when I can.
Last night I fell asleep with the heating pad on and woke up scared. I'm always worried that I'll burn myself or start a fire even though it turns itself off after and hour.  It has a fail safe mode that if you turn it on by accident, and don't move the heat settings for 1 minute it will shut off. It's so cool.
Anywho David did some wild and wooly yard work this past weekend. He cut down the tomato bushes. Yes, yes he did. The heat was effecting the size of the tomatoes and they were splitting bad. So he decided to cut them down. I told him that when the cooler temperatures come in September it wouldn't be such a bad idea to buy new tomato bushes. It doesn't get really cold here until near the end of November. So he is going to see if the nursery has any to sell. We're hopeful on that subject that they will.

Something we need desperately to get done around the house, is fix the hot water heater. The heating element is going out. I love molten lava hot water when I do the dishes or take showers and it's like 3 minutes into washing with hot water when it turns into cryogenic stasis ice cold. The kind of heater we have is a Point of Use Tankless water heater. Meaning it only heats the water when you need it hot. The heating element goes out on that thing like clock work every year. It's the build up in the jets. I really wonder if this is a regular problem with everyone or just the model we use. Sigh*, I need to do some online analysis.


  1. Your water must be extra-minerally or something (what? I'm sure that's a word) to cause that kind of build-up so fast. Usually those type of water heaters are fabulous.

    1. Nope it's not the water. It's the burners. For some reason the gas jets gunk up with what looks like white ash. I'm guessing they can't take the lava hot setting I have for me. They just gunk up.

  2. Heating pads scare me so I have this clay microwaveable thingy. I call it my lover. Yeah, I need to get laid.

  3. I too like lave hot! I have a hot tub but it only gets to 105. Relaxing for a nice long soak but not HOT HOT HOT! My bathwater is probably 110.

  4. Wait a second, tomato plants can grow into bushes and not a single, anemic vine that occasionally coughs out a pathetic, most likely diseased and withered tomato of indeterminate origin or species? Strange.
    Since your hot water is out, do you have to donate ten dollars to ALS every time you take a shower? (TOPICAL JOKE!)


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