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Monday, August 11, 2014

Okay Monday, Let's Get This Overwith

I had to finally call in the Swat Team for my insomnia problem. It worked. I finally got it licked for a while I hope. No drugs just walking on the treadmill for thirty minutes while reading, about two hours before I go to bed. It makes me tired mentally and physically. I wake up refreshed. It feels great.

I'm a bit late this morning with my blog because I was at the hospital for blood work and an MRI. They found my brain. Now David can't say that I don't have one. I have proof.

This past weekend was nice. David behaved himself and there was no trash TV on in the house. Instead, he did some pruning of the rose bushes, yard work, and he cleaned out his work shed. That pretty much kept him out of site for a while and let me have peace and quiet. I cleaned a bit and washed the bed linens. Then I played around on the internet.

One thing I did notice is that August is much hotter this year than it was last year. Things start melting in the hot Texas sun out here once it hit's the 100's. Especially without shade.

My brother called me yesterday and said it's been raining out near southern New Mexico. Nice cool rain too. Like the wet stuff we'd like to have. I can't wait until autumn gets here. Cooler weather and my favorite Witchy holidays will be here. But for right now I thank the Goddess that we have AC.


  1. MRIs are noisy sonsabitches, aren't they? That surprised me when I had one. I was expecting the claustrophobic tube container but not the noise.

  2. Happy Monday! More working out huh? \i am starting to think this is your solution to everything!

  3. i would just shrivel up and die in your weather! we are getting rain and then fall weather for a couple days. i just want to roll in it naked!

  4. He's a keeper for sure!

    I don't know how you handle that heat. I'm like dairy, I need refrigeration. I love me the snow! Can't wait for Winter!


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