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Monday, October 20, 2014

Same Old Shit, Different Days

I was going to write about why I was out the past week and a half. But everyone knows why and what I'm going through. If you don't, then you haven't read this crap that I write.

 Anywho, I saw my pain doctor last week Friday and he gave me a prescription for my back pain. He also said we should try another session of radiofrequency injections if this drug doesn't work. So, I'm giving it three weeks and then next month I go back to see him and we will decide what to do.

Today is Monday and I'm functioning for now. I took one of the Zanaflex that my doctor prescribed this morning. So I will be functioning for a while longer. David was laughing at me the first time I took that stuff on Saturday morning. I was talking to him and then all of a sudden I wasn't making any sense of what I was saying.

I remember telling him that I needed to go lie down in the bedroom before I fall on my face and I sware it felt as if my butt slid right off my body when I stood up. David said I kept asking him to go find it because I left it on the floor in the TV room. He said he was laughing so hard while he was trying to get me to lie down in bed with the heating pad, that he fell on the floor. He told me he never laughed so hard in his life. What can I say.

By Sunday (yesterday) I was able to do one load of laundry and at least make a small dinner for us without too much discomfort. This morning I watered the house plants and was able to sweep the kitchen floor. But right now I'm wishing I hadn't done that because pain is creeping up and down my legs and lower back. I have been sitting for something like twenty minutes to write this and it's getting bad so I'm going to lay down, or is it lie down for a while. Fuck it! I don't care. I'm headed for the heating pad in the bedroom.


  1. OH MY!! I was hoping you would have a grip on this shit by now and were feeling much better. Le sigh ... thank goodness for doctors who actually want you to feel better. And thank Goddess for David even if he does fall out laughing at you. Sending you bunches of feel betters and lot of love!

  2. I am so sorry that you are still battling this much pain. I have learned that household chores are the worst for me, so try to avoid them as much as possible. I am sending you healing thoughts and wishes and prayers for comfort to come soon.
    Lots of love!!

  3. Bummer. . . . Get it, get it? *nudge, nudge* . . . . God, I'm a comic genius.


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