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Monday, October 27, 2014

Zombie Shit

I am a zombie killer freak, in fact David is too. We love TV shows such as The Walking Dead and and ZNation. Or movies that have a zombie killing theme like the Resident Evil series. We're also crazy about any web site that has zombie killing paraphernalia for sale, not that I would buy that sorta stuff. " *wink wink* nudge nudge* know what I mean?"

Anywho David and I play a game constantly every day. If we just happen to see a vehicle that would be perfect for going through a zombie herd.

Or perhaps the best zombie fortress ever built. 

Or maybe a really cool weapon or even clothes, we can't pass up the chance to tell or even show each other what it was via email. We also spend our daytime hours when it's slow at his job, finding websites that are awesome.

It's like a game for us to see who can outdo the other and it's something that keeps me busy when I'm confined to the bed because my back is acting up. I guess it can be called a safe, harmless hobby because we don't buy anything and waste our money, it's just something fun for us to do.


  1. Anything that provides hours of harmless fun at no cost is A-OK in my books!

  2. Hahaha! I love the car!! Let's run them over!!!

  3. That's an adorable hobby for a couple to have!!!


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