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Thursday, November 6, 2014

But Mom, It's Cold And Wet Outside

That's the look the puppies have been giving me every single day since it started raining Tuesday evening. "But momma it's too cold out there," they said in their whiny little doggy voices. "Come with us. Please?" Hey I'm no weather man but I have a great feeling it's going to be very wet and cold this year. Much more than in the past. Today it's only in the 50's. next week it's supposed to go down into the 40's. My back is really feeling it but I'm getting through it. I love the rain and I'm very grateful for everything the Goddess gives me when I ask. So I'm for sure not complaining about the wet weather we are having.

I'm making my home made Texas chili tonight for dinner. It's the perfect time of year for it too. I soak the kidney beans overnight and then rinse them in the morning. Then I cover them barely with cold water and start cooking them over a medium flame. While the beans are simmering I take six Roma tomatoes and place them one at a time in boiling hot water and peal them. I then chop them up and let them sit in a bowl while I brown the lean ground beef with minced garlic and half a chopped yellow onion. When the beef is completely cooked I add one small can of tomato paste and the chopped tomatoes. I add the half cooked beans with it's water and then stir and season to taste. This is when I add the chili seasoning and ground cumin seeds. David hates hot chili, so I take out half the chili and put it into a second pot and add chopped raw jalapenos to make it my four alarm chili. I let both pots simmer slowly for about three hours. Then I love to chop up the other half of the small yellow onion and shred a bit of yellow Jack Cheddar cheese to throw on top. David never heard of the raw onions and cheese on top and he loves his chili that way now. I also make my sweet cornbread muffins. What's chili without corn bread. So that's what's for dinner tonight.

David is getting ready for his fishing trip tomorrow. Yes, he's all giddy inside, dancing around the house. Packing and unpacking like a woman, wondering if he forgot something. But then again he always does. He's going to forget something really important like his wallet, you just wait and see. It never fails. Sometimes I am so grateful there will never be a Zombie Apocalypse *heavy sad sigh*.  Reason? You may ask? Come on, please ask me. - Because that man would never be able to bug out to a safe place. He would be packing and unpacking his backpack for days and then he would forget a major weapon like a machete, or crow bar, or deodorant.  


  1. it is about to get really really cold here! your chili sounds so good. i love it with raw onions!

  2. Oh, Chili sounds so yummy right now. I am freezing.

    Zombie Apocolypse? I am dead for sure. I have to pee every hour and that alone would flush me out. Ha! Flush me out. I didn't even intend on that pun.

  3. "a major weapon like a machete, or crow bar, or deodorant" -- LOL! I wish I could come over and have some of your chili and cornbread muffins -- it sounds SO GOOD!


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