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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tickle Me Tuesday - Canadians Eh?


  1. Oh gawd, they're all true. THEY'RE ALL TRUE! Hahahahaha, hope you're having a good day today.

  2. debra is right, they are all true! i love the canadian armed forces, eh!

  3. Glad the armed forces guy had shorts on. I wonder if that guy realized how jiggly his rump was before he made the video? I will admit that we mere Americans simply cannot compete with you Canucks in any of the catagories (thank cod! shown). I must admit, I am a but jealous of your hybrid squirrel-moose. It is real cute & I'd like to have some of those skittering around the backyard & climbing trees. Do the antlers get tangled in the twigs & branches all the time?.

  4. You know how people outside of Great Britain who love British pop culture are called "Anglophiles"? Is there a term for people not currently trapped in a tundra who love Canadian culture? Because I love Canadian culture. I'm sure there are dicks, like Bieber, but the ideal person, the person I aspire to be, is Canadian.
    I hope your pain has lessened (sorry if that reminded you to focus on it).

    1. Pickleope, I hereby proclaim the proper term to be "Canuckophile." Hey, that's not bad. I should copyright it, eh?


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