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Monday, March 30, 2015

My Weekend

I'm blogging a bit late this morning because I had to go to my doctors office and have bloodwork drawn. My doctor seems to think I'm diabetic. I had to have my fasting insulin level drawn plus and iron binding today because my iron levels are up. In May, I will have to do this all before I finally see my doctor again.

our new weed puller
Our weekend started early. David took half a day off on Friday afternoon. He wanted to get something over at Home Desperate for the hose. Now y'all know David doesn't just go to Home Desperate for one needed thing. He gets the one needed thing, plus he brings home other things he says he needed but didn't see them last time he was there. Yes, yes he does. Every single time.

Well, Friday he brought home a weed puller that saves you from having to bend over to pull weeds. Yes, it's the kind where you step in the lever at the bottom and the teeth of the weed puller gets shoved into the ground around the weed. Then it encloses around said weed and pulls it out. You just push the yellow lever in the center to make it release the weed and go pull another one. It is efficient I'll say that for it. Sort of like a catch and release system. Somehow I wonder if I should buy stock in Home Desperate. After all, in another 20 years David will own every fucking thing that they sell.

So after he pulled about 5 or 6 weeds, he came inside and sat down and watched Jerry Springer and then Maury. Trash TV as usual. I finished the laundry and went into the living room on the other side of the house where it's really nice and quiet and surfed the web.

On Saturday, he finished pulling weeds from the front lawn and came in. It was fairly warm outside. We are using our AC already and it's just spring. I was baking and cleaning house as usual. I made a pecan pie from a recipe that I made corrections on. It turned out great! Saturday night was boring so we ate some pie and watched John Wick and Dracula Untold. Two movies I've been wanting to see. Dracula was ok. It could have been better. John Wick was an action packed fun shoot-em-up, if you like that sort of thing like I do. If you want to know about the movies check them out on Wiki.

Michonne and her katana
Sunday David washed the dog blankets and gave the dogs a bath. I was down for the count in bed most of the afternoon with the heating pad and meds. My back was giving me hell as it is right this very minute. But I was able to make dinner for David. I didn't eat. Pain does that to me. Then I took a long shower to let the hot water beat on my back, went to bed and fell asleep. I did wake up in time for The Walking Dead season finale. The show was fairly boring, but I was glad things at Arlington will change. Morgan showed up, which made me happy, and Michonne finally put her katana back on. She looked whole as if she had been missing a dear friend for so long.


  1. Oh oh, do you have one of those garages where you can't park the car in it because it's so full of tools and other man cave stuff?

  2. We had one of those weed pullers but the plastic snapped. It was a Fiskars and they did replace it but we ended up giving it away and replacing it with a metal one.

  3. Firstly, may I empathize and express, "your poor back!"
    I had no idea that weed puller existed. Now I kind of want one.
    The Dracula movie, go figure, but I'm now excited to see John Wick (one of the worst titles for a movie).
    Good luck with your back and thank you for the generally spoiler-free review. (I'm a wait-until-Netflix watcher.)

  4. hope your back is better
    the Ol'Buzzard


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