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Monday, May 18, 2015

Oh Woe Is Me AHAHahahahahaahahahahaaa! Yeah right!

Humidity is being a bitch again today and we have a 40% chance of thunder showers. I didn't want to get up at all. I was so comfortable in bed with the heating pad. But things need to get done around here. It's been 2 weeks since I last cleaned or did laundry so I'm busy this morning stripping a bed, six loads of laundry, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, etc. How the fuck can 2 grown people have 6 loads of laundry is beyond me. Shit! I'm wondering what the fuck did David do while I was stuck in bed. I hardly have any time to blog, but he has time to make 6 fucking loads of laundry. I just can't wrap my head around that one.

I have an answer for your comment this past Sunday, Pickleope. It will be in this coming Sundays post, and yes it's an Olsteen original. You'll love it. Probably make you die laughing and even bow down to this Meme Queen here.

Well, I really have to get to the dungeon and do my housework. What a world... I leave you with what looks like "Cows Gone Wild!" Actually, it's how cows react to being let out after being cooped up all winter. Happy Happy cows.


  1. maybe that is how happy you will be when you are done with laundry?

  2. Oh, trust me, I bow to your throne, my Queen of Meme. I dare not make any attempt at the throne. All Hail Leeanna, benevolent overlord of funny internet stuff!


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