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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Spinal Osteoarthritis is Not For Sissies

The temperature is dropping again. This morning we had a "gully washer" of a rain storm. The temperature plunged to 64 and I stayed up all night with my fucking back pain. Gawd I hate this shit. Spinal osteoarthritis is not for sissies. It's just fucking awful having to deal with it. Shit, the wind is kicking up now.

I know I should be civil about all this good rain, with the drought and all. Because when it's over, we will have to wait until winter or spring before the rain starts up again. It's just not a good thing for my body. Not a good thing at all.
Anywho, David and I are going to a waterbed store this Saturday to buy a waveless waterbed. This sucker has lumbar support or some weird shit like that. But David wants to get it so I can sleep better. So far, we have tried 3 different types of mattresses. So we shall see how this one plays out.
Oh!  I wanted to tell y'all that so far the little metal laptop desk I bought at Amazon is working out perfect. It was money well spent. I can use it at my computer desk too. So cool! I'm so glad I got this thing.


  1. I sure hope the waveless waterbed gives you a good night's sleep!

  2. Feel better soon my love and let me know about the waterbed. I took a bed for my back with memory foam and it kills me.


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