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Friday, June 12, 2015

Spunky Is A Better Actor Than Most Hollywood A-Listers

This morning The Spunkinator refused to get out of bed. When his most royal pain in the ass did finally awaken. He stretched profusely, meaning most cats don't even stretch that much, jeez! But I had a feeling that he had been milking all the special loving care that I heaped upon him the past few days. I decided to take his little ass outside to see just how much acting he could muster.

I started by sweeping out the courtyard while the fuzzy babies were busy checking for cats and squirrels. Then I turned on the hose and squirted whatever dust and dirt lay on the bricks. After that, I watered the planters and then the puppies. Yes! Yes, I did. I watered the puppies but good.

Spunkers can't resist the spray of water. He goes out of his way to pretty much get it right in the mouth. Sorta like the above picture. Yes, I figured the little Oscar nominee was milking it from the get go. He wasn't bad at his acting, but yesterday afternoon when David came home for lunch and The Spunkiloid was playing fetch, I had a hunch.

You see, as soon as David left to go back to work, Spunky wasn't as spunky anymore. He was back in the "sick mode" again. So this morning I called his bluff and the rest is history. But I have to say, the little fucker had me believing for a while.

This weekend we are expecting some rain. I sure hope so. NOT for the rained out flooded areas in Texas, but for those that would like it or need it. Farmers, ranchers, and people like me. I love the rain. Goddess knows we still need it here in my part of Texas.

Vintage Rose
David and I are going to hit the local plant nurserys for new geraniums, petunias, begonias and such. He owes me some plants that he let die while I was down because of my back. We are taking his truck this time because there is so much to buy. I can't lift the potting soil and some of the heavier plants so I'm bringing him along not just for his looks but for his muscles. I bought 2 beautiful hanging baskets from one of my Plant Porn catalogs online. It was a sweet deal too. I am now looking for my favorite petunias to put into them. The 2 I love most are the Suncatcher Vintage Rose trailing petunia and the Mochaccino petunia. But I'll settle for the Raspberry Ice.
They look nearly the same color but when you put them together they are very different. The are cottage color flowers and I'm hoping to find them again. Might be a while because it was a real hunt for them last time.


  1. What's a poor boy gotta do to get some extra lovin' and treats? Spunky's just workin' the system, man, workin' the system.

  2. ha! debra is right! i love those moccachino petunias. i've never seen them before.

  3. They (whoever they are) say that animals can't fake illness but I heartily disagree. I have seen it. A few months back our 20 year old cat put on quite the production. We thought he was on his way out. He was fine. I think they do it to make us appreciate them,

  4. Man, my dog does that crap! Especially when the husband isn't home. Acting all depressed and junk -.- BUT my brother-in-laws dog used to eat the sprinklers like that! She loved getting sprayed right in the mouth with the hose, too. Mind you, she also ate glass doors, so.

    This hot weather is killing me with our crappy AC. Wish it would rain some more!


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