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Monday, June 22, 2015

The River Is Up

It's been raining for the past few days like clockwork around here. Yesterday it rained so hard that we ended up getting almost 2 inches in an hour. The windows are constantly fogged up because the humidity is so high.

I saw some footage on the news that the dam at Canyon Lake is releasing 10 times more water into the river than usual. The lake is near overflowing from all the rain these past weeks. So the river is flowing high and fast. That means there is no tubing on the river this part of summer. But there are white water rafters and kayakers taking advantage and enjoying themselves.

This is the Power Plant Texas Grill (nice restaurant). It was the very first power plant in Seguin. You can see the river pouring over the spillway through the tower. Usually, you can walk over the water steps as we call them. The water from the Guadalupe is just pouring over them. You can barely make them out.
You can see Lucy was along for the ride yesterday. Here is a picture of the river to show how far up it is. The trees on the other side have their trunks halfway covered. They sit on the bank of the river and you can generally see their exposed roots when the water is at normal height.
 In other news, David's tomatoes are going gangbusters in the garden. We have 35 tomatoes now. In the picture above you can count 12 of them.
These are as big as my palm. We should be picking some more tomatoes this weekend.

Speaking of which, David will be off for the whole week during a plant shutdown for the July 4th week. I call it my incarceration time because he will be bothering me every chance he gets. But I won't mind the first few days. Just around Wednesday is when I get crazy. I hide about that time to escape him. So, it should be fairly interesting.


  1. Looks like it will be a bumper crop of tomatoes!

  2. We need rain. We live in a rain forest and desperately need rain.


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