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Monday, July 27, 2015

This Is Such A Boring Post

This past week has had too many lows to count, but I won't go into them. I just know that when I become very depressed I can't remember my dreams. That's usually my first warning sign.

Well, David decided to grab me up Saturday and go for a drive in the country. He didn't tell me where until I saw we were headed north of town. It felt so good to get out and about. It changed my whole outlook.

We went looking for a new spider plant because mine died when David was in charge. Many of my houseplants bit the dust and my beloved spider plant was what made me the maddest when I found out. But I eventually just let all this go even though I was heartbroken over it.

Anywho, we hit all the local plant nurseries and nothing. I was a little down but not ready to give up. We went to lunch and then started looking some more. Why we didn't look closer to home I'll never know. But my favorite place to shop had them. All my plants that I wanted. Only thing is I was too tired to get out of the car to go looking around anymore. We gave up. But we will be going back to the Plant Place to find my perfect spider plant and a couple more things.

Yesterday I felt like doing a couple of loads of laundry and I vacuumed and mopped the whole house. I was tired of dirty puppy prints on the windows so I cleaned the back glass door and the front living room windows. Crap! I got so tired after that. David came looking for me and found me lying down with the puppies. He wanted to tell me that he was so pissed that the DVR only taped 2 minutes and 11 seconds of Sharknado 3. Like I care. Inside I was dancing. Yes! The Goddess heard my screams. BWAAHAHAHAAAAHAHAAAAA!

Anywho, this morning I got up early and made coffee, which I never do unless it's a bit cool in the morning. I just felt like it. Spunky was barking in his sleep when I passed his bed. When he howls in his sleep it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up. Wicked feeling. I need to do a few things outside this morning before it gets hot. We haven't hit 100 yet but August is almost here and we might just hit it yet.


  1. It's been very tiring here too, and now that August is upon us, I'm wishing for cooler temps that won't be here for at leat another 45 days. Why is the first Harvest Festival while it is still so damn hot? Somehow that seems to defeat the purpose.

    So happy to know you found your replacement plants.Nurture those little darlings and soo they will be as glorious as the ones that perished.

    Sending lots of loves your way!

  2. our first harvest festival is this weekend and i can't wait! then they will arrive rapid fire. of coure, it is hotter than hades and will be for a long time. and no rain at all. booooo!

  3. It is not a boring post!

    A patient of mine gave me an itty bitty baby spider plant and I brought it home convinced I was going to kill it. I did not kill it and it is actually growing like a weed!

  4. Yeah, I think not recording Sharknado 3 is some divine intervention. By "spider plant" do you mean Chlorophytum comosum? I only know plants by their Latin name...when I Google what the plant is you're talking about and want to sound like a pompous jackass. Next time you think a post is boring, insert a picture or five of your puppies. Puppies will automatically liven up any post.


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