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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Yes, I'm Back

Sorry for being out but I was just not up to doing any posting for Monday and Tuesday. I guess you would say I was tired but it just turned out that I was a lazy ol' whore *pronounced  who-er*. Yes, I've been feeling like the Queen of Sheba, layin about with nothin to do but file my nails and such. But HEY! There IS nothing to do here.
David went back to work on Monday. Moanin and a groanin about work and how he abused this past week and didn't do anything worth while to show for it. I was glad to see him go.
Just hearing the shouting from the other room from the people on Jerry Springer and Maury made me cringe for all educated human kind. Man, they really hit the bottom of the gene pool with the people on those shows. Just as bad as the Kardashians.
I do have to say that David did help out with the housework while he was home on vacation. He did vacuum, and mop for me. Also he washed the puppies blankets and bedding, so that was a lot of work off my shoulders, and occasionally he did cook. Well, he didn't really cook. He went out for fast food, his way of cooking.
I have 2 doctors appointments tomorrow. one in the morning with lab tests scheduled and one in the afternoon for my back. I'm still having pain. I have a stinking feeling he's going to say that it's time for more injections.


  1. Glad that you're back. The riding mower to clean the house made me wonder why no one has invented an outdoor Roomba that mows the lawn rather than vacuums?

  2. I love all the images you chose for this post, especially the "rider-vacuum" LOL!

  3. i like to order in when I cook. Actually I do most of the cooking.
    Love your post.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  4. 6 man test. For all those who just have no idea who could be the father.

    Sorry about your back. :-(


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