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Monday, August 3, 2015


I was slightly off kilter over the weekend and didn't do a damned thing because of my back again. So today, I'm making up for all that by doing some laundry this morning and cleaning. OY! How can just 2 people make so much laundry in one week. I have 4 loads to do today.
I did get something nice in the mail on Saturday. The Spider plants came. They were carefully wrapped in newspaper in 2-inch pots. They are really quite lush and leafy for plantlings. I was amazed at the wonderful condition they were in when I unwrapped them. The soil was moist and none of them were in shock. Cute little things. Well, I think they're cute. Some of the soil got loose when I put them on the kitchen window sill to sit in the light for a bit but otherwise they look perfectly fine. David ordered them to be expedited. They got here in 3 days time. Now to find nice hanging baskets for them. This calls for a trip to the local nursery. I will probably go tomorrow if I feel good enough.
Mango sprout
Also, on Saturday my mango seedling popped out of the soil. I planted the seed about a week ago and that thing sprouted like magick. I wasn't expecting it for another week. It looks like a dead parrot claw.

I'm going to grow another one as soon as I can go to the store to get mangos. I will be starting lemon seeds as soon as I get a few more. That way I can be sure to have at least 2 lemon plants growing.

Well, this house won't get cleaned by just talking about it. Got to go. Have a great day y'all.


  1. May your spider plants have lots and lots of babies.

  2. those spider plants are so easy to root. you can have lots and lots of spider plants. i am a weirdo, i love doing wash!

  3. Oh,thank you for keeping me in your thoughts! It is very sad what is happening to my country. A whole country bullied around and beaten to the ground, let's hope better days will come! My back is much better, as well as my metabolism which I hope translates into a healthyish thyroid. So, I am better than I have been in a couple of years if you don't mind a uti and an ear infection that's bothering me because of staying way too long in the sea while it was very.windy a couple of weeks ago.
    I love your new plants they are so pretty and I bet they will be very happy in your hanging baskets. I hope your back feels better soon. Try not to clean too hard!! Take care of yourself my dear friend!! Lots of love!


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