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Monday, August 31, 2015


What a weekend! David received a large heavy box of grass last Friday, no not the kind you smoke, although I was hoping. 

Anywho, the man plowed under, with his roto-tiller, all the grass that had died out because he neglected to water it while he was taking care of me the past few years. He then doled out about six bags of manure that he bought from Home Desperate, instead of going to the horsie stables down the street and getting it for free, the roses would have loved it too.

So after all that he laid out only three rows of grass. Little three inch pieces of grass into the soil. That was it! Not the whole box, just three lousy rows. He came in all dirty and smelly and naked. He had taken his clothes off at the front door. I screamed there was a nekked man running in my house and the puppies came barking from the media room and attacked him. Funny as shit, I kid you not. 

Well, he took a long much-needed shower and I later threw his clothes into the washer to soak. I'm washing them right now. The smell from them was so intense. Whew!  He was totally wasted out. The man is so out of shape from not being able to do his workouts all this time that he collapsed into his recliner and watched TV for a while then fell asleep with Lucy on his legs. 
While David was playing in the dirt I was cleaning and doing laundry, and then cleaning again when he tracked in mud and whatnot. I don't know if it was true, but one time he said I sounded almost like his mother when I ranted about all the tracking into the house with his dirty shoes. Oh, I was pissed.
Anywho, all that was over and done with for Sunday. I was looking for stuff on the web. I found out one of our favorite shows, The Strain had started its second season already in July and we missed it. Oh! The horror!! I also found out that we can catch up on the "in demand" section so all is not lost. 
This morning I watered the grass and the other plants in the garden. ironed four blouses that needed it while I made some coffee, and now I'm taking it easy for a bit, blogging before I go start my exercises and walking on the treadmill. UGH!!! 

I am not the workout type. I really hate it, but I will do it if prodded. It's either that or pain. The endorphins from exercising keeps me from having to take so much medication for pain. It does help, but it's sooooo much work. Then I'm so tired afterwards. It's all a pain in the ass but if it works I'll make the effort.

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  1. Before The Strain I red the book - worth the read.
    Wife and I are starting back at the gym today. Like you my wife has been unable to keep an exercise program due to a protracted medical problem - she is better now.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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