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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Monday's Ugly Sister

Today is trash and recycle day for our part of town. Yes, they pick up both on the same day. No, not both in the same truck. BUT! I did often wonder if one of the guys did dump the contents of the wrong cans in the wrong truck. Say like, recycles truck with trash instead of recycled items. that would be loads of fun to watch. Grumpy cat is rubbing off on me now. I can feel it.
What's really great is that Grumpy cat has competition now. Yes, Grumpy puppy. Poor little guy is named Earl. Shit, I'd be pissed if I had a redneck name like that. He's a pug beagle mix. The pug underbite gives him that pissed off look along with the dark muzzle. He even has his own Instagram account earlthegrumpypuppy.

It's now the dog days of summer. Yes, hotter than Hell. Although it's been in the mid to high 90's here in town everywhere else it's hit 100 something or other. This really has been a warm summer but not entirely hot for us yet. I may eat those words as the month progresses, but, for now it's just humid and a bit uncomfortable.


  1. hahaha...grumpy puppy is too perfect!!!

  2. Our pickup schedule makes me grumpy, It is garbage and kitchen waste one week and the next week it is recycle and kitchen waste. What makes it confusing is this "add a day" bullshit where the day of the week changes once a month. And then there are days where they pick up everything at once.
    I actually do like the kitchen waste program. It is anything that comes from your kitchen like bones and anything rotting. You can also throw out soiled paper products. It is amazing how much we throw out each week just in kitchen waste alone.


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