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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday is Just Monday's Ugly Sister

Remember I said David knocked down all the wasp nests? Well, this morning I saw where those little fuckers that didn't get sprayed are building new ones. They are so diligent and quite fast at building too. So far I counted tree new nests. David will be busy this weekend again. Little bastards.
We also have a Yellow Garden Orb-Weaver in the back yard near David's work shed. I couldn't take a picture in time for this posting because my camera is recharging, so I borrowed one. Anywho, this rascal is pretty as hell and just as harmless. It has such a neat zig-zag stitching going up the center. I found out that's to keep birds from flying through their webs. I won't be nuking these guys from space.
The puppies have been acting crazy this morning. Fighting over toys and what-not. I've had to separate them for the remainder of the day. Lucy is under my desk, Spunky is in David's recliner and Pebbles aka Gator Bait is in the corner near the TV. I really don't know who started the fighting or why, but I put an end to it but quick like. Now they're just staring at each other, making faces. 

David will most likely come home and ask why they are in "time out". Frankly, it's beyond me as to why they are fighting. The little shits were fine when I got up. They just started they're crap when I came back from getting the mail. They'll stay in "time out" until they can behave themselves.
Thursday I have another doctor's appointment. I'm getting so fucking tired of all this medical shit. I'm about ready to throw in the towel. My doctor took me off my happy pills that were helping me cope with all this and now I'm back in my depression mode. Nothing makes me happy. He's going to hear from me on this fucking shit come Thursday. I'm pissed off royal because I have no energy, nothing that helps me fight this crap. My temper is short with David and I have been living in our bedroom for the past week now because I don't want to be upset with him. My doctor will most likely send me to my psych. Just one more asshole to deal with.


  1. phewwww...i am sitting here chuckling. sorry! you need some chill pills!

  2. I hope your doctor comes through for you.

  3. Your doctor took you off your medication for depression? Not cold turkey I hope.

  4. Tequila ... or vodka... or RED WINE works every time

  5. I hope you feel better soon!!! Sending lots and lots of love!

  6. When there's "one more asshole to deal with," you rim that asshole until it submits--That's what my mom would always say. She's really into over-sharing and mescaline, so maybe her advice isn't the best. Also, the Yellow Garden Orb-Weaver sounds and looks cool. It creates a beacon for birds like those flashing lights on top of tall buildings? Good job, lil' dude.

  7. Smoke some weed if you can get it - it can't hurt and you might feel better. Do they have medical Marijuana in Texas?
    the Ol'Buzzard


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