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Monday, August 17, 2015

Wasps, Weather and Zombies - Oh My

Hooooooo Boy! Things have been getting out of hand lately. We are getting overrun by red wasps and yellow jackets. No sooner that we spray them dead then new ones take their place and continue building. It's fucking mind blowing. David has made it into a weekend hobby of walking around plants and the house spraying and knocking down wasp nests that he finds. I've been stung several times now and let me say it's not something all that great to experience. The pain of the sting is more like being burned really bad. David says this is the worst it's ever been. 

Some of you may have noticed that I didn't post much this past week. Also, that I stated in my last post that I was dropping weekends altogether. I have been having problems healthwise and when I start feeling better I will let y'all know when I will be posting more. I just don't seem to have the energy sometimes.

Right now the puppies are all sleeping. I sorta ran them ragged this morning playing outside. Spunky, the old man is barking in his sleep, probably dreaming of playing with the tether ball earlier. I really feel bad for him. He's totally blind now. I asked David if we could somehow look online for a doggy helmit for him so he doesn't get hurt when he runs into things. In a way it's so comical when it happens. He hasn't really hurt himself yet, but there is always the chance he will soon enough.

It was beautiful this morning. We are in something of what seems a transition in our weather again. We have nice cool mornings in the 70's and hot but not in the sevear low 90's temperature wise. We are also having spot showers. YES!! It rains for like five seconds and then it's over and gone. I call it pre-fall weather. The mornings get cool and crisp and evenings hot and balmy. I can't wait for my favorite Autumn weather to be here.
Oh!  A spinoff of The Walking Dead will be starting on Sunday night. Fear The Walking Dead will take everyone through the beginning of the Zombie Apocolypse and will eventually bring everyone up to TWD speed. It should be interesting watching for all us TWD watchers out there. I got David hooked on TWD during it's second season and he's been the ultimate Dead fan since. On our down time during the weekends and sometimes when he's home for lunch we share cool websites that show Zombie Apocolypse stuff like weapons, vehicles, and gear. Seems we find something new every week. 

Well I have minds to warp and values to twist. No, not the puppies.


  1. bees on meth...hahaha! omg...i am so allergic i would literally be dying. i am hating this weather more each day. we are in the 90's with high humidity and no rain in sight. bring on fall.

  2. Thank goodness for cooler weather! That Texas heat would sap anyone's energy.

  3. Poor Spunky, Is there a such thing as dog helmets?

    I loathe wasps. I rarely kill insects but take a special delight in zapping them with my electric fly swatter.

  4. Wasps! Whenever I see insects that sting I yell in the most girly and panicked way! I would totally go bunkers!

  5. I hope you're feeling better soon.
    You got someone to watch the second season of The Walking Dead, the season where they chill on the farm and bicker, and he's on board!?! Right on. From there he had to be like, "this is the most amazing thing ever committed to digital film!"
    I am allergic to all manner of insect bites from fire ants to mud daubers so I assume that hornets and wasps would probably murder me. I have something like a Batman utility belt of nature-killing implements that I wear at all times.

  6. This past weekend I took down a German hornet's nest (big paper sack) about three feet off the ground and about three feet off the side of the dirt drive we live on. I am surprised someone walking between camps didn't get stung. I hate anything that stings - but make exceptions for honey bees and bumble bees. As I have mentioned before, I was a survival instructor for the Navy and in the summer time students sometimes ran into yellow jackets and hornets: stingers are protein and we found that a past of meat tenderizer was the best poultice to relieve pain and lessen swelling.
    Best wishes to you and your dogs - It is sad when an animal we love gets decrepit.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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