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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Blood Everywhere

I'm posting late today because I've been on the phone with the Veterinarian most of the morning about Pebbles. You see the "Strange One" has been bleeding from the mouth since probably Tuesday night, only David didn't take notice of it. I noticed it when I woke up and found a puddle of blood at the bottom of the bed where she slept after David put her there.

You see when David gets up he feeds the puppies and lets them out and then lets them into the bedroom so they can wake me up. Only they didn't. They slept up until I woke them up and I noticed the large blood puddles at the foot of the bed where Pebbles sleeps. So I grabbed a wash cloth and wet it with warm water and cleaned her up, then started looking for the cause. But I couldn't find one. There wasn't blood anywhere. I was at a loss for where it was all from. So I got another clean wash cloth wet it and started examining the other two dogs. Nothing. I was beginning to think I dreamed it all. So I backtracked and grabbed Pebbles for another exam. Still nothing! WTF!?? 

So then I grabbed the blood-soaked bedding and started a load with peroxide and again with bleach. I called David and asked if he knew anything about the blood and, of course, he didn't. But, then again David doesn't notice things around here like I do. I'm the one with the bionic hearing, nose, and eyes.

Well, the only thing left was the bed that the dogs sleep on and their blankets. I checked and found large spots of blood. I was thinking that one of them got a dew claw stuck and tore the thing open on their leg. But who? They were all in the kitchen sleeping on the rug in front of the sink. Except this time, I did notice the blood near Pebbles front paw. so I grabbed up yet another wet wash cloth and checked her paws and the dew claws ... nothing. 

Where the fuck was this blood coming from?? So I ran for another wash cloth this time wet it with warm saline solution and checked her mouth. BINGO!! Blood! On the right side of her mouth. It was coming from there. But she wouldn't let me open her mouth to check it. SHIT!! I finally got my legs wrapped around her and pried her mouth open with my fingers to see better. Would you believe I couldn't tell if it was a missing tooth or if she had bitten her tongue. She kept biting my fingers, the little piranha. 

David came home for lunch a few minutes later while I was on the phone with the vet near our home to see if they could see her on an emergency. Nope, all booked up for the day. David went back to work and started calling vet offices around Seguin (pronounced Si-geen ... i as in squid). Everyone was booked solid. So he called me and asked me to call around in New Braunfels area. I was lucky to find one veterinarian to take her. So I drove to the vet's and had all her info from our regular vet office transferred to them so it would speed up the process. It saved me time from having to fill out all that paperwork. 

So now, we know there is a small hole inside her mouth where I think she might have made when she tried to chew a hard doggie biscuit most likely Tuesday night. Not sure but I think that is when it happened because she was having trouble with it then. 

She was taken into surgery this morning (YES! I'm worried as hell) and she  is in recovery. They ran blood tests to see if she might be lax in the clotting factors  that the liver usually puts out. Yes, she is an elderly dog ( 9 years), but not that old. I would think she has something like 5 more years if not more to go. She does have liver problems that we have been monitoring for quite some time now. So I'm hoping the vet calls back soon with some good news. I'm on pins and needles at this time. I'm not ready for this gang.


  1. I sure hope everything turns out well for Pebbles! A stressful time for you and David too -- sending hugs and best wishes.

  2. Poor pup. She must be sore. :-(

    Keep us posted.

  3. Ohhhh the poor thing! Sending healing wishes, thoughts and prayers!

  4. i sure hope she will be ok. don't these pups drive us crazy? teddy has me worried all the time and she doesn't let me check anything!

  5. Sorry for the dog and for your stress level right now. All of my best wishes that lil' doggy will be okay. I agree, 5 more years minimum. Here's fingers crossed for everyone to recover fully.

  6. My prayers are with you!

  7. My prayers are with you!

  8. All best wishes and prayers for Pebbles' recovery. Please keep us posted with your news. We all love our fur babies!

  9. They are bit really pets are they? They are our children and their pain causes us pain. Will be thinking about you and hoping for the best.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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