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Monday, October 19, 2015

More Weird Shit

I've heard that the northeastern states are undergoing the prettiest autumn in years. You lucky dogs! Here it's starting to get cooler during the night but that's the usual thing at this time of year. Now, if it should happen to snow here in Seguin say, in the next three weeks, then I'm leaving the planet because shit is about to get real.

Pebbles is completely abnormal again. Yes, she's playing with shadows and staring at dead people in the kitchen. That is the norm for her. She does this "Evil Dead" stare at nothing and then she turns her head really  s l o w  towards you if you just happen to be watching her and call her name.

It's that freaky scary type shit, especially if you're alone with her. Lucy refuses to be around her if I'm not in the room. Then again, Lucy just thinks Pebbles is bat shit crazy. I've told Lucy to sleep with one eye open at night.
Anywho, The Walking Dead was weird last night. If you taped it on DVD and haven't seen it, then,  

                                                        *SPOILER ALERT*

The wolves broke into the compound and went on a killing spree. These people are fucking strange. They didn't steal from anyone, they just broke in and killed anyone they saw. Most of the people in from the compound group got ahold of guns thanks to Carol and killed a few of the Wolves before they turned and ran. But it was a pretty good show. I wasn't expecting that all to happen, though. It did explain why the truck horn sounded which attracted the walkers off of the road from last week's episode. Cool Beans.

Well, I have to throw myself at the mercy of my heating pad so my back can get some relief. Ciao y'all.


  1. Haha I laughed so hard at the evil stare. I even reenacted the slow turn... Twice!

  2. I can't keep track of the names of people on The Walking Dead, so when I read your post, I'm like, "wait, who's Pebbles? A dog, right? Is Lucy a person? A child maybe? I'm lost." If you're going to throw names around, give me (just me, no one else) a guide or a bibliography.

  3. Some animals see things that are invisible to humans. Our two cats will suddenly come awake and run through the house chasing unseen specters - then one may just jump up and stare at the wall or ceiling tricking us into trying to find what she is looking at. It must be fairies - damn those fairies. Maybe Pebbles needs an exorcism: if her head starts to spin and she floats off the floor...
    the Ol'Buzzard


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