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Friday, January 22, 2016

I Couldn't Help Gloating

OMFG!! It's A Fucking Blizzard!!


  1. SNOW DAY! Snow day for everyone! Wait, what? It's the weekend? Never mind.

  2. Bwahaaaaa ...AWESOME! Though I'm in Ohio , my area of the state is not going to get the SNOWPOCALYPSE!!! My lil one is bummed , she has never seen "feet" of snow , so she was hoping ! Me NOT so much ! Hope you have a great weekend!Blessed Be ~Angela

  3. I am just glad that I live in the west coast of Canada where we rarely see more of a sprinkling. But then again, our snow is that wet heavy crap so you can't play in it or even go for a walk without getting soaked.

  4. i got 8 inches but now the sun is out...bummer!

  5. Haha.. I always find it hilarious when people freak out about the snow. I love snow. :)

  6. Philadelphia checking in here...yes, it's cold, yes, it's windy, yes some of us cant open our front doors...

    But honestly, we've had worse. Much worse. The only hazard I can see is from the people who are trying to drive or walk in all this. Which, thankfully, from what I can see, is strictly limited to PenDot, emergency services and the dingbats who think their SUVs can conquer all forms of nature. So, really, the rest of us are fine.

  7. We haven't had enough snow here in Maine to bank the house. WTF?
    the Ol'Buzzard

  8. good ones - I'll be sharing the drinking snowman on pinterest
    Always good to laugh about the weather. Beats crying.


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