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Monday, January 25, 2016

I Have My Coffee, Let's Conversate

Hey! I'm like totally back to blogging again. YES!!! I KNOW, RIGHT?!? It's so scary! Anywho, I needed to step away from the computer for a while. But we all know how terribly awkward that is. I was only able to stay away for a day and then I had to check my facebook and twitter pals. It's so weird how shit just keeps on going without you. I was on Pinterest moving stuff around on my boards and adding some pins, yadda yadda yadda.

Anywho, David and I did something that we don't normally do on a weekend. We went out to IHop for breakfast and then we both went to the new HEB to grocery shop. YES!!! I KNOW RIGHT?!? It's scary to think that I actually went grocery shopping with my husband. But I was able to go check out the newly built HEB and to find out where everything was. It's so BIG, sooooo chock full of stuff that we won't have to go to Wally World to get anything that HEB didn't carry because they carry it all now.

I was was like, "Oh lookie yonder there and oh lookie here." Poor David rolled his eyes so hard he got a glimpse of his brain. He DID!  I was throwing so much shit into the cart faster than David could put it back.  By the time we came to the checkout, we had a full cart and the total went well over $100.00. He was pissed but I did show him how to shop better. I have to do everything myself sometimes.
We also caught up on some more of our shows and a few things on Netflix we wanted to see. We also got to watch two of the best football games in a long time, considering David thinks Dallas (cringing at the thought) is the best. I think it just burned a hole in my laptop screen. I can't say if I like the Carolina Panthers more or the Denver Broncos. It's a tie. Both have great defense and quarterbacks. It's going to be a fun game for Superbowl 50.

Well, I have to grab the puppies and run them over to the Doggie Park. They just love that place. More tomorrow on "What I did on my one week vacation."


  1. I'm SO glad you are back! I've missed you!!!

  2. Welcome back! For the benefit of us furriners, what does HEB stand for?

  3. I try to never to go shopping with my husband. It is too frustrating.

  4. broncos all the way!!! so glad that cheating whiner brady is out of the picture!

  5. Welcome back. I miss...HEB. I mean, I missed you too, but HEB gives food and free samples, you've never fed me...unless you count word nuggets. And to answer Debra She Who Seeks, "Here Everything's Better," right?

    1. It just hit me, is a coffee slut someone who will have sex for coffee, or who will give him/herself a coffee enema with any coffee brand? "I don't care if it's Folgers, just pour it in me!"

  6. So glad you came back ,I missed you ! IHOP favorite place to stuff my fat face :) Im glad you were able to teach the man a shopping trick or two , just don't expect it to stay absorbed lol Have a great evening ~ Blessings Angela

  7. glad you had a good day
    the Ol'Buzzard


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