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Monday, January 11, 2016

It's Monday Buzz

I'm late posting today, I know, I know, but we finally got the ROKU for our TV and David and I finally got to catch up on Longmire. When fucking A&E dropped them after their third year we were NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
The last episode we saw was when Branch (Walt Longmire's deputy and running opponent for Sheriff) was talking to his dad. They both had shotguns in their hands and then you see Longmire getting off his horse at home and hearing a loud gunshot. What we wanted to know was who shot who or really who killed who. But all that was up in the air when the season ended on that cliff hanger. We never got to find out because Longmire was never renewed for a 4th season. Assholes at fucking A&E threw the series to the dogs and Netflix picked it up. We never got to see what happened until this past weekend. So we finally did and we are one with the Universe again *sigh* and I slept in this morning because of lack of sleep. 
And now for something completely different.
Anywho, last week Friday I saw my pain doctor for my back, he recommended that I have another Facet Injection. So Tomorrow afternoon at 1PM I go in for Bilateral Lumbar Facet Injections on L5 and L4 and possibly L3 if the films indicate it. I should be walking out by 3 in the afternoon. It's done in an outpatient surgical hospital, which is practically down the street from the main hospital. When I get out I have to put ice on the injection area on my back to bring down the swelling and pain. Yes, it is a bit of a painful procedure.
Otherwise, if nothing goes wrong, I'll be up and around by Wednesday morning hopefully feeling no pain. I do have to say I am a bit nervous. After all, they could get it wrong and I'd come out walking backwards.


  1. Good luck with the injections! I hope you're dancing soon!

  2. Here's to being up and feeling no pain. :-)

  3. They could screw up a Facet Injection so badly that you could end up reversing your gate? That's a risky procedure. Best of luck to you and hopefully you feel better after getting a needle jammed into your spine.

  4. Good morning ...Im playing catch up after having no internet all day yesterday ...EEEK it was traumatic ...stuck in bed with nothing to do , needless to say I was a bit "witchy" !!! Sending you love ,light and healing energy for todays injection . Hope all goes well and you will be up and Fabulous by morning , but I so know what you are going through, Ill be around all day if you need to vent after procedure :) ! Im interested in the Roku myself will have to chat about it once you recoup! Have not watched Longmire yet , but it is on my NETFLIX to watch list . Blessings upon your day ~ Angela

  5. I didn't know Netflix was continuing the season - I saw it end where you did. I will have to look for it
    the Ol'Buzzard


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