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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday! Yeah, The Ugly Sister

OY!! It's been fucking cold here in Texas. Y'all up north don't give a shit, I know, but it's fucking cold just the same. I have 2 puppies in front of the heater and one shivering under a blanket behind me on my chair. I turned on my heating pad that's planted firmly on my lower back so Lucy will stop shaking soon, I hope. The good thing is that it will warm up for 3 or 4 days and then it will get really cold, possibly freezing next week. Yay! Oh, for a nice heavy snowfall. Yeah! Like that's ever going to happen here.
Ok, as y'all know, David is finally back at work after 2 weeks off. I have to say it wasn't a total loss. I had him doing a few things around the house for me because of the rainy weather and a slow moving cold front that made it impossible for me to lift or bend over to pick up even a towel off of the floor. Yeah! My back had me throwing back pain pills like they were candy, but I got no relief. It was that bad. So I have an appointment to see my pain specialist on Friday to determine if I need to go back into the outpatient surgical unit to get more injections. It's been a while since my last injections so I'm due for more. Right now it's not so bad. Hmm. I wonder if my pain is from David being home too long. There is a chance that it could be just psychosomatic. Naaaaaaah!
Well, while David was home, he went out and took advantage of the post-holiday sales and got a great deal on a flat screen tv with a sound bar for the living room so I can watch tv in there instead of going into the bedroom all of the time. Thing is, I don't really watch tv that much. I do turn it on, but it's only to hear music on the music channels. It kind of pissed him off. So while he was home I watched reruns of Game of Thrones, which, got him involved in it too. He set up the DVR to tape GOT so he could watch it the next day. That is what he did most of the time. Not one time did that tv hit a Maury or Jerry Springer show. I was amazed. 
I laid on the couch on the heating pad half listening to him asking me questions and commenting while I was flipping through Pinterest on my laptop. I also added 1100 more followers on my Pinterest page over the holidays. Yes! I couldn't believe it! No, I didn't bribe anyone. I added some new boards also. So I'm in the process of cleaning up my boards and putting things in their proper places. David says I need to join Pinners Anonymous or I need a Pintervention. But the thing is, I only pin when I'm bored shitless or when I'm out of money for retail therapy. At least, you can say Pinterest keeps me out of jail. What more does he want? Shit! 
Oh, I meant to tell you all yesterday, but I forgot. Remember last week Tuesday I said David and I were going up to Austin to see his daughter and to see the new Star Wars 7 movie? Well, it was a fun day I can say this much. The directions that David printed out were really conflicting with where we were to go. We only had to turn around once and take the right exit turn once. Yeah! He got pissed with ME. ME! I didn't print out that shit, he did. I was only reading out loud to him what was printed. Don't ever get lost with your husband, they don't ask for directions and refuse to admit that they are lost. Also, you will be blamed for everything when he loses his cool and gets mad when you ask the helpful driver next to you at a way to long red stop light for directions in Austin. Yeah! I did! And the directions were much more helpful than that fucking piece of shit my husband printed. Thank you very much to the kind woman in the black Lexus next to the hopelessly lost crazy ranting husband and woman in the white Honda Accord. We found our destination on time, 10 minutes before the movie was supposed to start.
Anywho, we finally got to The Movie House to see the movie. Those seats you see above are way cooler than they look. There is a button to recline them or sit up. There is a call button to call a waiter/waitress to your seat number(see red dot next to 16 on lower right side of picture above) for anything on the menu during the movie. It's like a dream. You are given the check near the end of the movie so when the movie is over you just review it and sign it when the lights come up. If you are thinking of skipping out on the check, think again. They have your info when you pay for the tickets. But let me tell you, those seats are AWESOME!! It was like a zero-gravity seat for me. I felt no pain in my lower back what-so-ever! It was a blessing! I was able to sit through the whole fucking movie, which was pretty fucking awesome too, without any pain at all. Because of the seats, I was able to get home soon after before the pain started up again and pop my pain pills. The Movie House was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend y'all going to one if you ever have the chance. Just don't take your husband, who couldn't find his nose even in the dark!


  1. Have you ever considered getting a lift chair? They have zero gravity ones and they are SO comfortable. It might be just the thing for your back.

    I live in western Canada for a reason. It rarely goes below freezing and when it does you bet I will complain!

  2. Oh my Goddess!!! My husband does that too. Even when it is clear that the gps thinks we are somewhere else in the planet and telling us to go through a field in the middle of nowhere he won't admit we are lost, won't ask for directions and will be extremely irritated that I asked the kind passer by to point for us the way! Men are weird!

  3. I've never been to one of those luxury theatres but they sure sound nice!

  4. I give up: what's pinterest?
    the Ol'Buzzard


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