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Thursday, February 4, 2016

I'm Soooo Damaged

I am sooooo damaged. I haven't cleaned house at all this week. The puppies need a bath because they are getting stinky. I need to also wash their blankets. But my cooking is priceless. Woot! Really, I need to get off the internet. I have been spending way too much time on Pinterest and playing online games. I need an intervention.

OH LOOKY!!! I got some more seed porn! YES! Yes, I did! These came in the mail this morning and I was likeHoly Shit they love me! I harvested a lot of  the veggie seeds from many of the crops we grew last year, so I won't be buying too much this year. David also wants to add 3 more raised beds for more veggies and he wants to set up a few small starter beds for watermelons and cantaloupe that he loves. I want butternut and acorn squash for my pumpkin pies and pumpkin for fall decor.

I will be buying quite a bit of flower seeds and a few flowering  plants that I get from Home Desperate. I went through all the seed catalogs and found everything I want to grow for the potted garden in the courtyard. I have sooooo many empty pots in the garden shed and I really want to use them all this year. I need to repot my cannas and sift through the soil in my barrels. The squirrels stashed a lot of pecans in November and December so I need to start sifting before they sprout. So much work so little time.


  1. Not damaged, just have your priorities perfected. Ya know, seeds and gardening before cleaning. I like your style! LOL!!

    1. At least you understand me. Not like a certain man I know.

  2. I envy you in your already looking at seeds. We are months away from even thinking about planting.

  3. Doing all that gardening is the intervention you need to get you off FB!

  4. I miss having a garden. We live in a cabin surrounded by woods and sunlight only sporadically reaches ground.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  5. Intervention smention ...I can't think of a better way to waste away the winter ! I wish I could start thinking of gardening , but alas I know winter is far from over here in Ohio ~Blessings Angela

  6. Are you a Master Gardener (not like, are you a masterful gardener, but there are classes you can take to become a certified Master Gardener)? I'd imagine if you were, you'd get indoctrinated into the cult of "native plants." Which, there's merit to that idea, but there are pretty things that don't grow by me. I'm in Ol Buzzard's predicament. Not enough direct sunlight, so not much but ferns.

  7. Sifting soil, starting seeds...just a distant memory still at this point as we are covered in the white shit...with more falling as I type. And some wonder why I have an internet addiction? They would too if they lived in Nod. Have a great new week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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