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Monday, February 22, 2016

In a bad way

I just finished what exercises I was able to accomplish. I am flat on my back again, in such pain that you could only imagine. It's my arthritis acting up in my back again. It feels as if someone is beating me across the back with an iron rod. The weather isn't helping much. It should be better tomorrow afternoon, but the weatherman has lied so much recently that his nose should be a yard long by now.

I'm hoping to be up and around by tomorrow at best. If you don't see a post from me by then, I will most likely be out the rest of the week. David says he is taking my ass to the hospital tonight if I'm not any better as if that's going to help. HAHAHAAAHAAHAHAAA!!!


  1. You did seem better the last time you were in the hospital so maybe it is where you need to be. xo

  2. Oh no. I hope you feel better and that the hospital can be avoided.

  3. Oh honey I am so sorry! Feel better soon!! Lots and lots of love!!!


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