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Friday, February 12, 2016

Oh My GAWD ... It's Finally Friday!!!

I know this is a late post, so sue me. Anywho I was busy this morning looking over different doggie toy and snack home delivery services on the internet. I found that is the best in everything available. They are simply amazing. I couldn't believe the service. I had to talk with someone about my puppies. I asked if they could leave out the plush toys because my dogs tend to demolish them within seconds. The person I chatted with on Live Chat was more than happy to make changes for me. These guys are 1st rate when it comes to making your dog happy. The prices are the lowest of the three different places I visited too. I opted for the six-month plan. Oh, and if y'all are wondering, I am not getting paid in any way, shape, or form to say all this about this doggie site. If you have a dog or dogs you really love and you want to show them, then I would highly recommend Oh and delivery is free.

This weekend David and I are going out for breakfast for V-day. Yeah, we decided to not do the dinner thing this year because it's always so fucking crowded and loud at a restaurant. I can't believe that people bring their kids on Valentines Day. It ruins the atmosphere when you have a screaming or loud child at the table next to you and your significant other. So we are doing breakfast and spending the day together and then watching The Walking Dead that night. Squeeeeeeee!! I can't wait.


  1. have a great valentine's day! having left it up to mr. romance here, we are doing squat! teddy would look at the barkbox and just walk away. she is a tough one!

  2. I heard about Bark Box on TV. Apparently there is one for cats (Meow Box?) I know for sure that most cats just want the box.

  3. Sounds like you've got a fun Valentines Day planned!

  4. Having a Valentine's Breakfast is a brilliant idea! Having a ludicrously expensive dinner is for people insecure in their relationship and it makes them too lethargic to get their romance on. A kickass breakfast followed by whatever the day holds is for the love veterans who still know how to have practical romance. I'm impressed.

  5. Have the most romantic valentine's breakfast ever!!! Mwah!

  6. There should be a 'no kids' section of restaurants for people who are paying good money for a night out with good food. Nothing spoils a meal like sitting near a table with misbehaving and loud kids.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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