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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

One Way or Another, We All Get Screwed

Y'all in the upper middle to the east of our great country are fucked aren't you? It's either raining or snowing. I have only one question. What the fuck did y'all do to piss off Momma Nature? I mean, DAYUM! Y'all can't catch a break out there can ya. I'm aware that some of you are thinking "Aaaaa shaddappp already!" But is this not the truth? Momma Nature is kickin all yall's asses.

The weather here is great. We have cold mornings in the 30's or 40's and it's around the mid 60's in the afternoon. It's really very nice. Although the puppies hate it. They want to stay outside longer and enjoy the sun, but it's just too cold for them. 

They are also a bit miffed at me because they can't go to the doggie park. I've been having flare-ups and it's quite painful, to say the least. Sometimes I just stay in bed where it's nice and quiet and I try to sleep off the pain. Other days it's just minor stuff like eye problems or being off balance. I've been keeping a diary to monitor the flares so I can see what brings them on and what helps them go away. I've noticed that weather changes, depression and excessive heat causes my flares. It also causes a certain degree of intensity. I need more evidence to prove this so I can keep these little bastards at bay.
BTW, please bear with me, I'll get to your blogs soon as I can.
Ok, on to bigger and better shit. Some of you out there are great big fans of The Walking Dead. Well, they are starting their second part of Season 6 this Sunday the 14th. YES!! YES, I know!!! David and I are counting down the hours. SQUEEEEEEEEEE! We love The Walking Dead. Moreso that we would be the two happiest people in the world if there was a Zombie Apocolypse today. Maybe not for me, more for David. I would end up as Zombie bait. All I can say is I can't wait for Sunday night.


  1. If there is a zombie apocalypse I am dead for sure. I will be one of the first that goes. Living close to a cemetery doesn't help.

  2. i never got into the whole zombie thing. i am still waiting for winter. we got about 2 inches today but that doesn't count!

  3. Well yesterday our national and main mobile (cell) phone carrier went down for about 5 hours, it was about 107 deg here in Perth so all we needed was the zombie apocalypse to make it feel like the end of the world.

  4. what can possibly be better than Valentines Day with the Walkers!!! Oh Yeah!

  5. Shadddapp already!! Yeah....I'm one of those to whom you referred in your opening paragraph. We really shouldn't complain as it has been a mild winter by Nod standards; but "shouldn't" isn't the same as "won't"...I HATE winter! Glad it's warm somewhere. Just hope I don't come visit you because then it will change...It will be frigid where you are and temperate here. The luck of the crow.... Anywho, enjoy for me! ~Robin~

  6. Now, when you say that you and David would be excited for a zombie apocalypse, is the excitement from having all your worries taken away except people both living and dead or the excitement of shooting people in the head without repercussions? I watch that show and do not see an upside.


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