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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sinko Duh Mayo

Yes, it's Sinko duh Mayo. A day when we celebrate mayonnaise smeared all over the kitchen sink. I don't smear mayonnaise on my sink because ti's a bitch ti clean up, I just place mayo lids around my sink with little tea light candles placed in them. It looks so nice in the dark when I close the shades. I did that last year and David asked me what I was going to sacrifice in the sink. Shit!  Don't ask me why it's not my lousy holiday.
Anywho, A nurse from the pain doctor's office called early this morning. Woke me up  at 11 a.m. In the middle of my morning nap time. She said the doctor arranged an appointment for me next week Friday. Not too crazy about having to go spend extra money just to get poked and prodded when I'm just fine. I do have a nasty bruise the size of Manhattan on my ass but otherwise, I'm doing fine.
Lucy hunting squirrels from the living room couch
Lucy is still hovering around me close. Yeah, REAL close. She has been following me everywhere I go. She was looking for squirrels earlier this morning from the living room couch. Right now she's sleeping at my feet. If I try to sneak away she wakes up and goes looking for me. I think David told her to keep an eye on me.She's such a little sweetie. I don't think David has to tell her anything. She follows me no matter what because I'm the "fud givr pursin" around the house. If anything happens to me, they would starve.


  1. Your Sinko duh Mayo post is THE BEST!

  2. I always fly my American Flag on the 5th of May just to remind the hispanics/chicanos/mexican-americans/la raza/undocumented/etc. what country they are in. Somebody needs too! sorry you are having issues. I feel like I have been beat with a broom handle. Sore all over. Ice packs and pain pills. What a life. Hope you get to feeling better real soon. Lucy is worried about you too!


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