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Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Funny

Everything is fine now I fixed the comments problem after I thought it through. It was really an easy solution, I was just tired from not sleeping.

Wait up y'all! I'm having issues with Google+ and Blogger. For some weird reason, my comments are directed from Google+. That means you have to sign in with Google+ in order to comment on my blog. Please don't do it. It might screw you up too. Just hold off on the comments for now.

Thank you my friends and readers.



  1. I won't try to work this out in my head.

  2. Hurray! Glad I can comment directly from Blogger again. I follow a couple of other blogs which use the Google+ for commenting and it's a pain in the ass, quite frankly, because if I comment from my Blogger account, it uses my real name, not "Debra She Who Seeks." For those blogs, I had to set up a separate email account to use so that would not happen. But it means I have to physically get out of Blogger and into that other email account to comment.

    1. It was crazy. I couldn't figure out what I did wrong and then I mulled it over in my mind and BAM, it hit me. I still have the bruise. ahahahaaa
      Anywho, I'm not so sure I want to keep my Google+ page. I might just for convenience.

  3. Haha! The image is so funny!!

  4. Much better, I was going crazy not being able to comment - You fixed my blog, you also taught me to download HTML.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. You are so welcome darlin. I was going crazy for a minute there. I'm so glad everything is back to normal again.


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