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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Golden Orb Weaver and a Little Rain Please

Golden orb Weaver - you can see a bit of the zigzag of her
weaving near the bottom and top center of the picture.

We have a Golden Orb Weaver spider at our front door. Yes! She built her web right in the upper corner of our front porch. For about a week, she attached her web to our front screen door, so whenever you went in or out through the door, her web would be torn apart and she would start swinging back and forth in what was left of her web like she was trying to scare me. So after three days I got really tired of messing up her web and I chased her to the top corner of the web. I think she understood what I was trying to do because she moved her web further up and away from the door. Now she's a much happier little spider and she's catching and dining on the wasps from the tiny nest they were building. 

Yesterday we were hoping to get a bit of rain. We had clouds and they really looked a bit threatening like we would actually get our wish but the clouds just disappeared. Ppffffffffffftttt!! Just like that. We have another chance for rain today. I'm putting in some prayers for at least a little shower that will last through the afternoon. Something to help the plants and trees. It's dry here.


  1. i just love spiders. i sure have enough of them in my garden. there are webs everywhere. we need rain so bad. we were supposed to get storms yesterday and they all missed us.

  2. I love spiders, too. I mean look at her! She is beautiful. When I have to clean the cobwebs off our deck I feel like I am being sacrilegious. Did you name her?

  3. I protect spiders as long as they are outside: anything that eats black flies is a friend of mine - But, if they come inside the house they are dead meat. My wife was bitten by a brown recluse at a concert in Fairbanks, Alaska - had to be treated at the hospitsl.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  4. My husband loves them so much. They freak me out when I see them in the house in an alert mode swinging in mid air. But I enjoy them and their work in nature. Lots of love my dear!


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