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Monday, July 18, 2016

GOP Convention and a Visit to The Dog Park

Trump changed it from this

As all y'all saw yesterday's newest porn site logo for the Trump GOP, well, they quickly took it down and replaced it with just the bottom part of the logo. Everyone was having to much fun with the old logo. Also, I was looking at the lineup for the different speakers at the convention. His wife and kids will all be speaking, of course. They ran out of people to call on. A few have said, "No, Hell No, "and I did hear a "Fuck you" at one point was said. Anywho, there is a golfer and many of the guys that were probably promised a job in the White House.
to this
The Rolling Stones and other artists have all told Trump to stop using their music for his campaign at the convention, I'm just laughing way too much. If this idiot wins I'll be laughing so much more when he fucks up the country even more than it is today. Clinton can do only worse. It's all so sad and too funny. We're all fucked no matter who we end up with in the election.

Anywho, at this moment, the puppies are all passed out. Yes, I ran them ragged at the dog park this morning. I take them really early when the temperature is still in the 70's. It's been in the high 90's during the day. The humidity is the killer, though. 
They love that dog park. When I mention that we're going to the dog park they get all hyper crazy. Lucy has made quite a few friends there. She's very sociable. Sometimes she gets into a fight with a poodle that goes there twice a week. Personally, I think she calls the dog names and then it's on.
Spunky just wanders. Sniffing all the great smells. He's blind so he just wanders and bumps into things, wanders and bumps. Sometimes he just wanders until he feels the hot sun on his back and then he lays there in the sun.  But most of the time he just wanders and then soon finds me and just lays down in the grass next to me. Poor old man.
Pebbles is a grouchy old cuss. She hates big dogs. Sometimes, I have to leave her on a retractable leash if the place starts getting crowded. It's a precaution for the other dogs. She's been known to get into altercations. If she keeps being so grouchy I might have to leave her at home because of her constant fighting.

But right now, they've had their fun. It's nap time until around 10 A.M. and then they go out and brave the heat of the day for a little bit. Check out this video of a Husky at the dog park not wanting to leave.


  1. i've seen that video! it's too funny! ugh politics...i am so sick of it all. teddy never played well at the dog park. she wanted to kill every dog she saw.

  2. Yesterday we went to see "The Secret Life of Pets" -- I suspect you'd enjoy it too! Lots of laughs and a fun story. It was better than I thought it might be. Plus there's a new Minions short cartoon in front of it.


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