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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Numbing of The Brain

All this time I thought David had been abducted by aliens because he was watching Star Trek and news programs, decent, morally acceptable TV shows for once. But then yesterday, David changed back to watching Jerry Springer in the morning and Maury in the afternoon. In between that time he was watching really bad corny teen slasher movies on the Comet Channel. Like EEEWWWWWWWWW! These are the kind of movies that never made it anywhere. His taste in TV shows really sucks. *sigh* I guess it's up to me to fix him or is that mold him. So for the duration of my hostage situation, it will be my duty to change David's television mannerisms into something with a little more class for the sanctity of my sanity. Yeah, that!
So until Saturday when normal TV takes back the airwaves, I will be back in the media room with my laptop at my usual desk listening to David gripe and mumble as I flip through channels to find something within the normal realm of entertainment that isn't cheesy of just plain brain numbing stupid. 
I was just thinking to myself. I could tie him up and force him to watch a South Park marathon. 

No, that's just too cruel. *snicker*

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