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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I Am So Finished

I'm back and everything is fini, ferdig, finito, pau, perfecta, done, that's all she wrote. I am not going anywhere for the rest of the week. I had to go back this morning, for an MRI of my lower back. The back doctor wasn't happy with the x-rays yesterday. The hospital called and said they had an 8:30 appointment made by the doctor for me this morning. But, that's okay, my insurance covers that shit so I'm cool. Everything went smooth as silk. But I still had to wait for the lab because house patients come first in a hospital. All the crazies were already at work so driving wasn't an issue. Parking was, on the other hand, a bitch because it seemed like everyone and their mother was in town. But what matters now is that this is done.

After my blood draw and x-rays yesterday, I decided I needed a treat, so I stopped off at the local Starbucks and get a grande double espresso white chocolate mocha. I haven't had a good Starbucks coffee in like, forever. Well, I only drink coffee in the late autumn, winter, and into early spring; never in the summer or when it's hot. Ordering a double espresso, that's my usual deal. But I should have known better. Do you know I have been up without sleep for 24 hours now? I forgot about all the caffeine that shit packs. I was jittery for hours and when I thought it finally was over, the night owl kicked in. I was up all night watching old movies on tv. I'm still going. Next time I need this much go power, I'll just say, "hey Starbucks. Fuck me up."

Spunky is still being a little sphincter. I'm guessing he thinks the world revolves around his ass. He sleeps like a king. YES!! Yes, he does. He has the doggie bed all to himself while the girls sleep either in the kitchen or on the blankets. He sleeps practically all day until just before David comes home. Then he's up like a fresh daisy looking to play and fight with the girls. David has never seen Spunky act like this so he says "no pictures, no proof." I'm thinking the guys are in cahoots with each other.

I weighed myself this morning. The last time I weighed myself was at my family doctor's office 3 months ago. I have lost a total of 25lbs so far since, so that's about 2 lbs a week. I'm doing a combo of Paleo and King-Prince-Pauper diets. I've combined them both. I also completely dropped sugar, lowered my salt, stopped all dairy, rice, and flour. No cola drinks at all. I drink iced tea with lemon or fruit infused ice water. I eat a large meal in the morning and medium sized meal in the afternoon and a soup in the evening. I eat fruit or nuts as a snack between meals if I feel a bit hungry. I eat nothing but lean meat, fresh fruit and veggies. Everything is in moderation. I also walk on the treadmill in the morning and in the evening. It's working like I planned and my doctor will be happy when he finds out next week when I see him.


  1. 25 pounds gone! Way to go! "Hold my cake," LOL

  2. I have probably gained 25 lbs. in that same time frame. I hate myself, apparently I have that in common with a lot of people. I hope my difference of opinion with the old buzzard won't affect me and you. I would actually miss you!

  3. Way to go on the weight loss! It takes dedication and willpower. Have you found that you have less pain? Two nights ago I had some breaded chicken nuggets and I feel like shit. My lower back is so sore I am having trouble walking.

  4. That is excellent!! 11 kilos in three months! That is amazing as is your clean eating habits! You are a warrior!!!

  5. Good for you on the weight and changing your way of eating and working out! I basically just started last week. Hopefully in a month, I will let everyone know how I am doing!


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