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Monday, September 12, 2016

It's Monday

Hey, I'm back. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and get well wishes. I'm still in a lot of pain but I'm hoping it goes away soon. I have a bulging disc and it's putting pressure on the nerve that runs down my left leg. It's causing unbearable discomfort with what feels like an ice cold wire running down my leg leaving me weak and achy. It hurts constantly just sitting, standing, walking, or to do just about anything so blogging each morning will take a while. I have totally lost my appetite. I eat maybe one meal a day because I have to eat. I won't be seeing my pain doctor until September 30th. He said sometimes the injections take a lot longer to work. He said to give it two weeks. In order to sleep, I find that if I take a sleeping pill with just one pain pill, I fall asleep so much faster and I sleep through the whole night. So that's working for me.
Two weeks ago I found out Lizzy my spider, built her spiderling nest. She put it up above the corner of our front doorway. I didn't know until I went out to get the snail mail and saw it when I returned. Next year when it becomes warm again the spiderlings will hatch and go on their merry way, building their webs and living their lives.
Also a sad note. Lizzy passed away this past Saturday morning. I went out to water my plants on the front porch and noticed her dying on the porch rug. She must have just fallen from her web when I came outside. I took her and buried her in the garden near the roses. She was a good spider and even though I hate spiders I liked her because she kept the wasp population off our front porch. Once I got her moved to the right spot, she feasted on them fairly well. I'm going to miss her.

OMG! It took two hours for me to write just this little bit. Wonder if I can break that record tomorrow.


  1. i know just how poor lizzy feels! felt. anyway...she was a good spider and did her job well!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the spider's passing, but hopefully, there will plenty of new spiders to watch over your place in the upcoming seasons thank to her!

  3. I'll trade you spiders for snakes. I don't mind snakes.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  4. Rest in peace, Lizzy. She was a good spider, as spiders go. And she has left her legacy to the world.

  5. I am so sorry you are still in pain. I know how this thing takes everything out of a person. I believe that the years I have been going through it, it had changed my whole personality completely!
    I wish you fast and irreversible relief! You are in my prayers sweet Leanne, always and forever!!


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