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Thursday, September 29, 2016


For all of you wondering, David really did forget my birthday. He remembered yesterday and called me from his office to say he was soooooo sorry. I let him know that it was alright, it doesn't really matter anymore, so that's that.
On the lighter side, Have you noticed that you can't go anywhere without hearing how bad Hillary lost the first debate? Yes, He's basking in his fake orange glow of lies. He's bragging about how she has no stamina to make it as a POTUS. I can't understand how people are letting him think he won when Hillary wiped the floor with his ass. It's just amazing how he believes his own bullshit.  

The next debate will be on October 10th and I plan to watch that one too because I believe Trump is going to be going in with his nasty, lying self swinging. I do hope that Hillary has a few tricks up her sleeves. She's already smarter. She just has to put up her force-field and let his bullshit bounce back and smack him in the face.
I know this second time around she will have Benghazi, her emails, and Bill's indiscretions thrown in her face. She can throw shit back at him with his Russian mob and government ties with Russia and China.  The raping of underage sex slaves at sex parties. Payoffs he made to have charges dropped against him in upcoming cases of his fake Trump University, and the way he ruined countless businesses in New Jersey, New York, and other cities by not paying them what was owed, which could lead to the fact that he isn't as rich as he really claims he is. She can also touch on the fact that he uses other people's money donated to the Foundation to pay his personal bills.  There are so many sordid details she can smack him with if he decides to play dirty in the next two debates. It's his move, he had better choose wisely.


  1. I am sorry David forgot!!!
    God the idea of Trump as president really scares me! What are the chances then there won't be a world war 3?
    I loved trump as Mary poppins!

  2. "his fake orange glow of lies" -- best line I've read about Trump -- so true!

  3. hey mr. tangerine man! i need hillary to not just win but to beat him bad!!!!

  4. I'm sorry Davide Forgot!!
    It really scares me if Trump gets in!! I can't even imagine!

  5. And we thought W was bad. All the Republicans that are trying to distance themselves from Trump are denying the fact that Trump is who the Republican Party has been for forty years - only now they have pulled back the curtain.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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