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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


David forgot my birthday. I'm not heartbroken over it because he also forgot our anniversary. I noticed has a lot on his shoulders. I'm not sure what it is because he won't tell me. So I'm not going to bother him about it right now.
Yesterday I took full advantage of the bad weather and stayed in bed most of the day. I was mostly too heavily drugged up to go anywhere. I was not feeling one bit of pain. I had Nurse Lucy with me, she slept all day long. Every now and then she would wake up and check to make sure I was still in bed. Dr. Spunky was at the bottom of the bed sleeping also. He was the one that recommended lots of rest. He took his own advice and did the same.
I'm not sure when the cold front went through yesterday but I do know I felt the pressure from it. David could tell by the pain I was in where the front was. When he checked the weather it was on top of our area most of the day and the pain was unbearable. So naturally, I drugged myself up and slept so I wouldn't feel it. It was the most logical thing to do at the time.
I was able to watch the debate last night. It was interesting the way Donald fell apart considering he says Hillary lacks the STAMINA to be POTUS. Also, why was he sniffing so much? Was he coming down with a cold? Was it allergies? Was it because he can smell his own bullshit? Or was it the cocaine? AHAhahahahaaahahaaaa! Those were just some of the Tweets last night lighting up Twitter. Y'all be the judge. I'm saying Hillary won this round. 
Now I have a few more things to say about politics. Today is National Voter Registration Day. People need to get out there and register and then vote. I have a few words to say about Democrats. You people who are Democrats and are registered to vote need to get off your asses and go vote this November 8th. It's a Tuesday just to let you get that straight. Last time you didn't vote the Republicans took the House and made Obama's presidency a mess. Everyone paid dearly for it. Nothing got passed and nothing got done. It's your own fault that YOU DEMOCRATS didn't vote. Were you too lazy? What was the problem? All I'm saying is that Trump will make it to the White House if you don't vote. So PLEASE REGISTER and go VOTE!!!


  1. He seemed like a rude, awful guy.

    Trump, I mean.

    Maybe a guy who would forget your birthday and anniversary is, too, but it's not my place to say.

  2. "Was it because he can smell his own bullshit?" Hahahahahaha! Apparently he's blaming a malfunctioning microphone for producing that noise. Right.

    I have always made a practice of reminding girlfriends a couple of weeks in advance when my birthday is or when an anniversary is coming up. I have no shame and expect those dates to be celebrated. Of course, women tend to remember stuff like that anyway, whereas I gather it's rarer for many men to do so.

  3. We have the same problem here. Just fucking vote, people!

    Sorry David forgot your birthday. Did he make it up to you?


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